AstroAlter: Alternative Ideas in Astrology

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About the author


Wojciech Jóźwiak, born 1951 (see natal chart and data at – I am a biophysicist by profession, having graduated from the University of Warsaw in 1976. I became interested in astrology in the early 1980s during Neptune's passage through my natal Medium Coeli. Since 1997 I have been running the “Taraka” website devoted to astrology and other symbolic ways of knowledge, such as Tarot, I-Ching, Enneagram, as well as shamanism and other ancient spiritual lore (texts mainly in Polish). Since 2004, I have been managing a strictly astrological website AstroAkademia (i.e. “Academy of Astrology”) for online astrology courses.

In astrology, I try to follow certain ideas of Michel Gauquelin, emphasizing the dominant role of natal planets close to the axes of the horoscope; I also understand the meanings of some planets – Jupiter and the Moon – in a Gauquelinian sense, not in a style that Jupiter would be “a good uncle” and the Moon would mean “female, home, family.” Following John Addey, I try to understand planetary systems as dynamic objects whose structure is explained by harmonic analysis. From dr Patrice Guinard, I took over the eight-part division of the local space, or Oktotopos, in place of the traditional, uncomfortable and ill-justified system of 12 houses. Following Richard Tarnas I try to see the manifestation of cycles of long-term planets and their archetypes in history. I have also learned the archetypal meanings of Uranus and Pluto from Tarnas.

In astrology, which I practice, I departed from the traditional zodiac, replacing it with a system of harmonic points on the ecliptic. In this approach the initial points of the signs of the zodiac are either the cardinal points of the ecliptic or 3-fold points. Experience has taught me to take 5-fold and 7-fold harmonic points – e.g. 18° Capricorn (5-fold Fire) or 12°51' Capricorn (7-fold Air) – as seriously as zodiac signs or their initial points.

In studying life events I give key importance to the transits of long-term planets through the natal axes and the natal Sun and Moon. In astro-biographies I consider 29.5-year cycle of Saturn to be the most important, in which the turning points are Saturn's passages through the natal axes, primarily through the MC and the ascendant. Also the 11.9-year cycle of Jupiter is visible and important – similarly calculated as the cycle of Saturn.

I have had experience with yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, shamanism of North America and Siberia, and “Zen without Zen” meditations. I have been living with my family in Milanówek, Mazovia, Poland since 1992.

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